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Type 2 Diabetes – Is This the Reason You Have High Blood Sugar Levels in the Morning?

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One of the peculiarities of type 2 diabetes is “Dan Phenomenon” … one of the common questions of type 2 diabetics … “Why did I have high blood sugar in the morning?” Unfortunately, high blood sugar is a common cause of dawn; Blood sugar rises overnight without even checking in the cookie jar or fridge!

Supplements are not taken at night and despite the recommended amount of insulin before bedtime, blood sugar levels rise during sleep. When this happens, blood glucose is excreted by the liver, which somehow does not get the message that your body is sleeping.

Dr. Jenny Gunton of the Zarfan Institute in Sydney, Australia, published the results of their research on cell metabolism in collaboration with Dr. Xiao Hui Wang, Professor Ronald Kahn of Harvard Medical School and the Jocelyn Center for Diabetes in Boston. All three investigators usually included patients who went to bed with a blood sugar level of 90 mg / dL (5 mg / L), and then a blood sugar level of approximately 216 mg / dL (12 mg / L). ) Got up. It was like going for a walk in the fridge and eating a nice snack. But the truth is they don’t!

Dr. Condon discovered that a mutation in a large regulatory gene known as ARNT in patients with T2 diabetes. When ARNT does not guide the formation of regulatory enzymes, the liver converts the stored carbohydrates into glucose. It seems that there is no way to refer to the liver of these people to stop making sugar … so much more sugar is produced compared to the needs of the resting body.

Dr. Jenny Gunden and her colleagues found that the treatment of the dawn event was simple. It is only necessary for liver cells to be exposed to insulin. For people with type 2 diabetes, this means insulin injection, the slowest form of insulin that needs to be injected before sleep.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​taking insulin, make sure the right technique makes insulin injections painless. Make sure that your skin meets the needle … reduce your skin and allow it to return to the needle … instead of injecting the needle.

Insulin injection at bedtime is a mild pain than the complication of type 2 diabetes due to uncontrolled effects of high blood sugar levels.

Herbal Supplement For Diabetes – Top 5 Common Ingredients

Herbal remedies for diabetes have become popular among patients. Because diabetes is a serious health problem. It is one of the leading causes of death. The severity of the disease is pushing people to seek effective treatment to prevent diabetes. Especially if you work in the family, whoever is suffering from diabetes. Now, there are three main types of diabetes. These are type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is commonly referred to as diabetes because children with type 1 diabetes are children. Patients with this type of diabetes have insulin in their system, which increases blood glucose and glucose in the urine.

Type 2 diabetes is an adult diabetes mellitus. Middle-Aged patients. Most people with this type of diabetes are obese, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and other factors.

Pregnancy diabetes is more frequent in pregnant women with high blood glucose levels. This type of diabetes is temporary and can later lead to type 2 diabetes. Other health problems are more likely to occur in gestational diabetes.

Herbal Supplement for Diabetes

This type of diabetes can be taken by dietary supplements for people with diabetes. It is always wise to consult your doctor first if you plan to incorporate herbal supplements into your treatment.

While modern medicine has done a remarkable job of preventing the symptoms of diabetes, it is undeniable that herbal supplements can have positive effects. It is caused by active ingredients containing essential nutrients without the threat of any adverse effects.

What are the most common herbal remedies specifically designed for people with diabetes?

There are lots of dietary supplements for people with diabetes. Most of these supplements can lower blood sugar or regulate insulin production in the body. Ingredients herbs, spices or other herbs.

The following are the 5 most common elements:

  • B bitter, also known as B bitter melon, has been used for centuries. People can cook it. It is classified as a herb. It contains Sarandon, a very strong hypoglycemic agent. The effectiveness of bitter hernia is similar to any hypoglycemic drug.
  • Blueberries are similar to blueberries, but they contain insulin because they contain anthocyanins, a form of flavonoids that are useful in controlling blood sugar.
  • The Fenugreek ring is another herb containing alkaloids, which is separately known as gentiles, trigonelline, and carbine. These substances in the ring cause the blood sugar level to drop.
  • Y Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb that contains glycosides called acids. Acid can break down glucose, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
  •  Tulsi leaves, especially sacred or locally labeled in India, “Tulsi”, are very effective in helping the pancreas produce good amounts of insulin.

Other plants have therapeutic effects of diabetes. But before taking any of these, discuss them with your doctor and ask them about their opinion on herbal remedies for diabetes.

Controlling Type 2 Diabetes With Herbal Remedies

There are many scientifically documented herbal remedies and have healing properties that help people with diabetes. Many natural remedies contain anti-diabetic agents and are used to treat type 2 diabetes. Despite the controversial differences among medical brothers, there is ample evidence and clinical evidence to prove the effectiveness of herbal remedies in the treatment of diabetes.

Many people with diabetes have switched to herbal medicines and restricted diets instead of traditional treatments. There is no cure for diabetes, but many herbal remedies help maintain blood sugar levels and Indian herbal remedies such as basil seeds, dill, coccidiosis indicators, and gymnastics have been proven to be used in the treatment of Sylvestre’s diabetes.

Diabetic agents are purely natural products that have no side effects, and many people choose to use alternatives when treating the disease. First, this treatment method is less expensive than medical drugs, and long-term use reduces the need to treat diabetes.

For example, Gossinia India has been scientifically proven that herbal blood sugar reduces as effectively as prescription drugs. One can eat fruit or mix the leaves with energy and milk. Holy basil leaves are known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties and their antioxidant properties. It has been scientifically proven that this herb lowers blood sugar.

Another anti-diabetic agent is the seeds of the ring, which are taken in the form of a capsule. Gymnema Silvestre, which is very similar to sucrose, is used as an alternative to reducing sugar cravings and reduces blood sugar in diabetics. The leaves of this plant are chewed or powdered and diluted with milk. In Hinduism, this plant is called Gor Mar, which means sugar destroyer.

Before taking herbal medicines, one should always consult your diabetic or your doctor, especially if you are already taking traditional medicines such as insulin or oral medications. People with type 2 diabetes have a good sense of humor, good communication, and very restricted blood sugar. People with type II diabetes can control blood sugar levels by using alternatives, maintaining a balanced diet, and doing a lot of exercises and are monitored by a diabetic doctor or medical practitioner.